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Pulse Metal Detectors; - C,Scope, Minelab, Garret;

Like all coils the Pulse Induction coil has a transmit and receive coil, Pulse Induction [- PI -] metal detectors, work by sending a very high amperage signal through a copper coil to create an electromagnetic field, this electromagnetic field then collapses, which creates a spike in the voltage, this spike is then received by the second part of the coil, once the electromagnetic field of the sending pulse comes into contact with a metal object then the voltage spike is altered, creating a signal, this happens because the metallic object that interrupts the Transmit signal stores a small amount of the energy from the electromagnetic field within itself, in the form of eddy currents; it is best suited to use on heavy mineralised soil & saltwater areas of the beach, and if your searching on the goldfields this is the detectors to use;